A downloadable game for Windows

Splitscreen 2 player Shooter. Inspired by the multiplayer mode in the classic GoldenEye 007 released for the N64.

Install instructions

Unzip folder and launch the executable.

Player 1 on Keyboard+Mouse or Controller 1, Player 2 on Controller 2


StarWarsGame_v2.zip 912 MB


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Can I play it with pc (32bit) ?

It's for 64 bit windows versions.

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WOW! 1 word: WOW!

EDIT: Game controller and keyboard does not work same time.

Thanks! Not sure what you mean by the controller and keyboard don't work at the same time. Please, how do you mean?

If my controller is plugged in and my keyboard and mouse, the keyboard and mouse are the same controls of player 1 than with the controller, which is player 1 to


Yep that's the intended behaviour. You need two controllers. The 2nd player is on the second controller.


Could u update the game further? Some music? More levels? Endor? Hoth? Vehicles? and keyboard support?



really nice gameplay there. Why don't you use non-copyrighted characters and then you could take the game a bit further. 


Very fun and cool game, just how exactly do you control the other player (that would be useful)?

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Requires a game controller. First game controller is the second player. It has the usual twin stick FPS style gamepad control scheme.

EDIT: Version 2 has player one on first controller, player two on second controller.


Really fun!!! Would love to see a simple implementation of exiting the game. (pressing ESC would be nice)

Would also like to see the implementation of both players able to make use of the controller functionality.

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Yes, I should put a pause/quit menu in there! 

Having both players on controllers would level the playing field I guess. (Whoever is on keyboard always wins ;))

Thanks for checking out my game.

EDIT: Added pause/quit menu and both players on controllers.