A downloadable game for Windows

Splitscreen 2 player Shooter. Single level proof of concept. Inspired by the multiplayer mode in GoldenEye 007 on the N64. I might finish this game if the feedback is good.

Published Apr 13, 2018
Tags2-player, Split Screen, star-wars

Install instructions

Unzip folder and launch the executable.

Player 1 on Keyboard/Mouse, Player 2 on Controller


StarWarsGame.zip 365 MB


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Very fun and cool game, just how exactly do you control the other player (that would be useful)?

Requires a game controller. First game controller is the second player. It has the usual twin stick FPS style gamepad control scheme.


Really fun!!! Would love to see a simple implementation of exiting the game. (pressing ESC would be nice)

Would also like to see the implementation of both players able to make use of the controller functionality.

Yes, I should put a pause/quit menu in there! 

Having both players on controllers would level the playing field I guess. (Whoever is on keyboard always wins ;))

Thanks for checking out my game.